TLC Wall of Fame

The TLC has accomplished many things in and out of fantasy sports. Below are some of the more notable feats.

Weekly Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) article by David Estrada in the Port Arthur News

Being a huge MMA fan, Big Dave has converted quite a few members of the TLC.  In the process, he has also become quite the expert on the sport.  When the PA News wanted to jump on board the MMA train, they recruited Big Dave to pen a weekly article on the subject.   All of the articles are available online at and the innagural article can be accessed here.

David Estrada Day

During the 2006 football year, a bet was made between Big Dave and Guy.  If Guy lost, he would have to name a day after Big Dave.  After the scoring for the week was complete, Big Dave did in fact win the fantasy football game.  Being mayor of Anahuac gave Guy the power to honor his bet and Novermber 13 was officially named David Estrada Day.  Congrats Big Dave!

Hans Solo Award for Distinguished Service

On September 4, 2006, the TLC awarded Dwight Rowley the Han Solo Award for his contributions to establish the TLC.  Without his guidance, the TLC may not have come into fruition.


Ted Williams Lifetime Achievement Award

On September 8, 2001, the TLC awareded Sam Summerlin the Ted Williams Lifetime Achievement Award for excelling in the field of excellence.


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